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DIY Alhumdolilah Table

Here is the tutorial to the Alhumdolilah table in our Muslim Thanksgiving post!
So you know those people you meet with perfect handwriting that make a grocery list look pintrest worthy? Yeah I’m not one of them! Instead, I use this simple hack to make my handwriting look like I’m one of those people

What you need is:
1) Craft Paper – $10 on Amazon (There is enough there to wrap presents and use for many future projects)
2) This Alhamdolilah printable!
3) Markers you find in your kids room!
1) Cut the paper the length of your table and tape it down on the underside of your table
2) Slide the print out under the paper to near the center of your table
3) Find the middle-schooler in you and start tracing away
Tip: Line the letters with a black sharpie so that all the imperfections start to look like an art style!
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