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Stone Soup and Zakat

Have any of you heard the story of Stone Soup? It’s a popular old fable with an important lesson that can used to explain the reasoning behind Zakat.

Basically, there is a poor village and everyone has very little food. A young man (or child) was asking for food, but nobody wanted to give it to him. So he took a big pot of water with some rocks in it and put it in the center of the village and said “I’m making Stone Soup! Does any one want to share it with me?
One by one the villagers started to add the little food they had into the pot to help make stone soup.
In the end little bit of food that each villager had was enough to feed the whole village!
The takeaway from the story is that seperately our valuables may not be worth much, but when we come together and combine them they can be worth much more.
Thats the idea of Zakat. Even though it may not seem like a lot that you are giving to the community, your contributions become invaluable when combined with your muslim brothers and sisters. You can make a big change with a little Zakat.
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