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DIY Ramadan Advent Calendar

You can buy some adorable Ramadan Advent Calendars online (check out my post for some reviews). However, if you are like me, it’s too late too order one or you want to try and make one on your own. Lucky for you, the same post has some great DIY ideas for you to try. And if all fails, there always is pintrest right? For the first time this year, I went ahead and made my own advent calendar. It took me a 20 minutes to make and cost me around $10. Here are my detailed instructions (with links to amazon!)

How to make your own Ramadan Advent Calendar for $10

ramadan advent calendar DIY


Poster Foam board  – These are the boards that get used for science projects, you can probably find them cheaper at your local CVS, Staples or Target.

Colorful envelopes  – The style and color really depends on your preference. I like bright colors.

Avery labels (optional) – I have no artistic skills, so rather than writing the numbers on the envelope, I chose to print them out.

Glue sticks

FREE good deeds printable to stuff the calendar with


  1. Decorate your envelopes on the back side (the side with the flap). I chose to print out stickers rather than decorating them myself. But you could draw out the numbers or even get your kids involved in the process.
  2. Print out the good deeds printable and cut them out (don’t worry its not too much cutting!)
  3. Lay out your envelopes in the pattern that you like. I like lines, so I chose 4 colors from the pack that I liked the most and organized them in a grid. The reason it’s important to lay it out is to get an idea of spacing. You don’t want to start gluing and run out of space!
  4. Start gluing them on!

And that’s it! Pretty simple right? You can add to it by adding a garland around it, but it looks cute by itself too. I like this DIY calendar because

3 thoughts on “DIY Ramadan Advent Calendar

  1. Salam, I loooove your calendar. I’m gathering supplies to make one too. Where did you buy your envelopes? I’m looking for the exact ones you have since the flaps are nice and long. The linked amazon ones have short flaps. Much appreciated!

    P.S. We have your original handmade Quran book and my daughter still loves reading it and doing the activities. It made the introduction of prophets much easier for her!

    1. Salam!! I actually got mine at Target! They came with cards in a set of 50. I just used the envelopes!

      Aww I am so glad she loves the book!!!

  2. I love the whole idea. it will help get the children involved and they can learn a lot about their religion and the essence of fasting. I am looking at making my own envelopes myself using colourful cardboard papers.

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