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How to Keep Ramadan Exciting For 30 Days!

The hardest part about Ramadan is that it is 30 days. 30 days is a very long time to keep kids engaged and excited about anything. Decorating our homes is a great way to welcome Ramadan, however after the first week, the excitement dies down.

So how do you keep up the momentum through out the month?

By planning! I prefer to plan out my Ramadan in advance so I can get the most out of the holy month. Throughout the week I use my Ramadan Advent Calendar to allow my daughter to participate in the spirit of Ramadan. However for the weekend I like to plan out special activities. This gives her something to look forward to through out the week.

Here is how our weekends in Ramadan Look.

Weekend #1: May 19th& 20th Tradition Building

Being the first weekend in Ramadan, I try and focus on tradition building. My favorite tradition in Ramadan is Iftar. And it’s not just because of the food! I love sitting around the table and being present for a meal as a family. With Ramadan being in the summer, I want to take advantage of the great weather.

I am planning an outdoor Iftar with my family. However, with Iftar being so late, I have a feeling my daughter may or may not be able to stay awake. If that happens, my fall back plan is to spend the day at the park for some quality family time!



Weekend #2: May 26th& May 27th

I am hoping that by the second weekend in Ramadan my daughter will have a basic understanding of the month. This weekend I want to focus on sharing Ramadan with my community. I’d love to host a community Iftar, however it will be past the kids’ bed time. Instead I plan to have a play date centered around Ramadan for my daughter and her friends.

There are some great craft ideas on Pintrest. I am going to try and jump on the nail art bandwagon and try and make these at our play date! Click here for more details from Ramadan Joy.


Weekend #3: June 2nd& 3rd

The last 10 days of Ramadan are the most memorable, and I want it to be that way for my daughter. As we approach the second half of the month, I want her to focus on the meaning of Ramadan. We will be doing 30 good deeds (get the free printable here) through out the week.

However, during the weekend, I wanted to focus on an activity revolving kindness. We will spend the weekend assembling kits to leave outside for our community helpers through out the summer. This will include water, some granola bars and just nice thank you notes! The Modest Munchies Mommy  has a simple printable you can attach to any kit!



Weekend #4 June 9th& 10th

This is the last weekend before Eid! I’m planning on spending this weekend getting her excited for Eid. I will have her help me with little things like hanging up a different banner and adding lights around the house.  We will also be taking out our Eid PJ’s from Jasmine and Marigold! It’s perfect way to get excited for the end of Ramadan!

I plan to have her not only make Eid cards but also our wrapping paper. I plan to use my canvas table (check out my post for how to set up your own for under $10).

  • Paint each finger a different color and make hand prints across the table.
  • Add a smile in the middle
  • Let it dry and wrap up your gifts!



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