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Ramadan Blog Hop: One stop resource

Ramadan is only 10 days away (maybe 11, or 12 you never know with the moon). Recently there has been a surplus of amazing resources online. There are DIY crafts, ready made goods, and just simple parenting advice on how to get the most out of your Ramadan.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry you aren’t alone. We’ve done you a favor and come up with some amazing craft and decor ideas all in one place. Follow along and feel inspired so you can spend more time making the craft than looking for one!

DIY Ramadan Sign by The Cozy Home Chronicles 

A huge part of Ramadan is realizing your part in your community. When choosing decoration, we should think of our role in maintaining the environment. Head over to The Cozy Home Chronicles for a simple minimalistic Ramadan Sign that is environmentally friendly.

D.I.Y Doily Table Runner + Gratitude Wall by NiMi Style 

Looking for a chic clean look for a cohesive theme and activity for your dining room for Ramadan? Hop over to NiMi Style’s blog post for an easy tutorial on how to make a table runner that is classic and minimalistic (and disposable)! Along with the runner is an activity focused around gratitude that will leave you with an accent wall matching your table by Eid!

Modern Ramadan Frame by Amna B Interiors 

Front door decor can be hard to manage. Wreaths are nice but can be complicated to make! Head over to Amna B Interiors for a simple door frame hanging that you can use as an alternative. to a traditional wreath! This DIY will no doubt take less time and make your door stand out!

Ramadan Basket for kids by Simply in Control

Ramadan Baskets are a great way to make the arrival of Ramadan exciting. There are options to purchase pre assembled Ramadan Baskets. However, assembling one yourself allows you to make sure your child loves everything in the basket! Head over to Simply Controlto read how she assembled the basket and what she included in it!

Living Room Ramadan Decor by Mint Candy Design 


Decorating your house, especially your living room should be done with purpose. Areeba at Mint Candy Design talks about how she focuses her DIY decorations in her living room to be motivational. With long summer days, she has intentionally placed her decor to remind her of the essence of Ramadan and inspire her to keep stead fast on her faith! Head over to her blog post to get some great DIY ideas on how to set up inspiration and motivation in your living space!

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