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FREE DIY Placemat Printable | Ramadan Mubarak!

Whether you are celebrating Ramadan today or tomorrow, I wanted to give a Ramadan gift from me to you! If you were at the Ramadan Market in Toronto this weekend you may have see DIY placemats that I designed. The kids absolutely loved it!

I love the idea of making a placemat for Ramadan because it helps orient the kids in the morning. Even though our kids may not be awake at shoot and iftaar, its important for them to be aware that it is Ramadan during meal time.

It’s a simple activity (takes less than 10 minutes).

Step 1. 

Download and print out the placemat here. If you can, use thick card stock to make it extra durable

Step 2 

Coloring the Ramadan Place mat

Let your kids color and design the place mat however they like! You can even let them paint it, or add stickers!

Step 3 

Laminate their masterpieces. Pro Tip: Don’t have a laminator, you can use self adhesive laminating pouches!

Laminate Ramadan Place Mat

Step 4

Hand them a dry erase marker and have them fill out the date, suhoor and iftaar times and their good deed for the day. If you need some ideas for good deeds, download them here.

And tada! All done!

Ramadan DIY Placemat

Hope you enjoyed it! Share how you use the place mats! I’d love to see them in action.

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    I am having trouble downloading the placemat. I am a newsletter subscriber.

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