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Tips to Praying at Home in Ramadan

The last ten nights of Ramadan are around the corner, and I’ve been to the mosque….once. I know that prayers are between  you and Allah, so praying at the mosque or at home shouldn’t matter. But it sort of does.

I find it hard to create that atmosphere of prayer and reflection at home. It’s hard to turn off the routine and get into the mood of prayer in the living room with the TV staring right at you! So here are some tips to help you pray at home (with your little toddlers!)

Change your clothes

This might seem strange, but it makes sense. When we get ready to go to the mosque we get dressed, we change our clothes. It’s a way to help our minds get ready to do something that is out of routine. You don’t have to wear anything fancy, just don’t wear your PJs! Make a point to shower, change your clothes and get ready to pray these last nights of Ramadan.

Play a Live Stream

The nice thing about the mosque is that the silence between our prayers is always filled with something. It keeps us awake and motivates us to want to pray more. Many mosques have live streams of prayers that you can play on your computer or even your TV. If not, play a live stream from Mecca! There are also plenty of amazing recitations of the Quran on youtube that you could listen to. Hearing prayer in the background will set the mood of prayer.

Pray Together

Try and involve your significant other, or another family member. There is strength in numbers! You can take breaks together and motivate each other to keep going!

Involve the kids

The reason I can’t go to the mosque is because Maghreb is way past my daughter’s bed time and she has school the next day. What I try to do is instill an atmosphere of prayer through out the day. I try and do a coloring activity centered around prayer with her. It not only helps her be involved in Ramadan, but also sets the tone for me. Similarly to changing your clothes, it breaks normal routine and gets my mind ready to have a different night!

Here are some FREE coloring pages you can download for your child!

How do you create an atmosphere of prayer at your home?

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