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Eid Party for Kids

Eid is around the corner and I know we are all scrambling to not only get our Eid decor up but also to plan the perfect party! It’s important for Eid to stand out in our kids’ memories as more than just another “dawat” or dinner.  Lucky for you, I have you covered. Below is my detailed Eid Party Plan!

Hope you enjoy it!


As adults we tend to gravitate towards the minimalistic look. However, from a child’s point of view it can feel a little underwhelming.  But we need to make our parties instagram worthy right? So how do we balance that?

My advice, have a dedicated kids corner. It can simply be a child sized table for where they can eat and play and even have activities. I have a FREE Party Pack printable that is full of color that you can download and use right away!


While some of us are blessed with kiddos that can eat a nice meal, most of us are stuck with picky eaters that love pizza and nothing else. Therefore, when planning your menu make sure you have one or two items that are kid friendly! Some great ideas are:

  • Pasta
  • Mini Slider Burgers
  • Mini pizzas
  • Lasagne
  • Mac n cheese


This is my favorite section! Make sure the kids aren’t bored! While chit chat and catching up your friends can feel like such a blast, kids can get bored! So here are some simply party game ideas specific for Eid!

Pop The Balloon Eidi


Write the names of all the kids on a piece of paper and stick it inside a balloon. Blow up the balloons, making sure some of the balloons DON’t have any names.

Spread all the balloons out in an open area and hand each child a toothpick. The goal of the game is for everyone to find their name. Once everyone has their names you can hand out their Eidi!

Build your own MAsjid

This one is dependent on how much space you have. I recommend doing this outside in the backyard. Gather a whole bunch of cardboard boxes over the week. Tip: If you need boxes, head to your local post office and pick up a bunch of flat rate boxes! 

Make teams with the kids and have them build a giant 3D mosques

Have some packing tape handy to hold the structure together, even some crayons and markers to decorate with.

Alternatively, break out your lego collection! Have the kids improvise and make a masjid with lego pieces!

Community Eid MuraL


This one is a simple activity that you can leave out and let the kids engage on their own pace.  Take a roll of white canvas paper and roll it out on the ground. Tip: double it, or even triple it for those kids that like to put serious power into their coloring! 

You can draw a pretty design down the middle, or leave it blank and let the kids go wild decorating their Eid Mural

Craft corner

If all fails, there is always just old fashioned coloring! I have a freebies for you that you can download and use! I have three coloring pages already on my blog. But for Eid I have a search and find coloring page. There are hidden moons on the page. How many can you find?


One of my biggest pet peeve is collecting junk. As much as I love loot bags, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with 10 boxes of crayons! I read an idea from @mysoulfulcorner called Secret Angel.

Similar to Secret Santa, it is a way to minimize excess gifting. Assign each child to an adult or family, so that they only receive one gift!

For the adults, you could try the white elephant concept. The way it works is that each family brings a wrapped gift valuing around $30. Everyone get assigned a number. The person who got the number one, picks up a gift and unwraps it. Then the next person unwraps a gift and has a choice of keeping their gift or swapping it for any of the already unwrapped gift. It’s a fun place to give gag gifts!



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