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5 Eid Gifts on Amazon Prime


Eid is around the corner, and if you are like me you haven’t given it a serious thought till now. More importantly, you haven’t found any meaningful gifts for your kids! Well lucky for your and me, Amazon Prime is here to save us! I have compiled a list of 5 Great Eid Gifts, that are all available on Amazon Prime for 2 day shipping!!




EID UL ADHA MAGNET PUZZLE by Zair Zabr Play – $9.99

This is a perfect way of introducing Eid ul Adha to your kids! It has the story of Prophet Ibraheem (AS) written in simple words. Along with the story is a 9 piece Eid ul Adha Puzzle that is magnetic. This puzzle involves 3 different senses when teaching the story, tactile, visual and auditory! Its also a great way to buy yourself time in the kitchen! Magnets and fridge puzzles are a great way to keep kids occupied

For $9.99 and Free Prime Shipping, its an easy gift!


Eid Mu-Baa-Rak Family Shirts By Jasmine and Marigold- $18.99 – $21.99

You know who is the ultimate idol for your child, older kids! Kids love being able to wear the same things as their older siblings. Get them excited by wearing matching shirts on Eid! You could even wear them as Eid Pajamas together!

I love these shirts because they are cute, funny and really high quality! Plus if you get the right size you probably could squeeze two seasons out of it!


Alif Baa Taa by Civilian Publishing – $15.99

One of the reasons its hard to teach Arabic is because the script is not familiar at all! Arabic isn’t in our children’s natural environment. I love Alif Baa Baa because it puts the script in their play environment. I love coupling it with Arabic Alphabet song. My daughter loves that she has a reference in her hand to what they are singing!

Bonus: You can actually buy an Arabic Alphabet Poster to match the book!


Arabic Alphabet Puzzle – Thinker Nation – $39.97


This one is a little pricey, so maybe give this to your favorite niece or nephew! Its gorgeous and really well made. Similar to the Alif Baa Taa Book, this allows the Arabic alphabet to be part of your child’s play environment! After all learning through play is the best way to learn! I know there are a few less expensive options on Amazon for an Arabic Alphabet Puzzle. But, after reading the reviews this is the only one I felt comfortable sharing!

Arabic Alphatbet Mat – Noor Art – $23.89

Another functional way of adding the Arabic Alphabet into your child’s play environment. Personally I don’t like play mats, but I would definitely use this as a fun foam puzzle to put the alphabets in order. A fun game with this could be to match the Arabic phonics with the English Phonics. For example, find the arabic letter that makes the same sound as M.¬†Reading the reviews, it seems these are a bit smaller than standard mat pieces, so I would take that into consideration when purchasing these!


I hope I have inspired you to give your money to Amazon and buy your kids some fun Eid Gifts! What are your favorite finds on Amazon Prime?


*Amazon Affiliate links are used in this post. If you purchase through them I receive a small percentage of it.


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