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Talking to your toddler about Eid ul Adha



The story of Prophet Ibraheem (AS) isn’t a simple story. It involves doubt, faith, sacrifice and death. None of which are easy concept to explain to a toddler. What’s more, most of these topics open up a can of worms most parents are simply not ready to address! I have a few strategies to help you talk to your kids about it.

I have actually made a cute whiteboard animation to help explain the topic! I would recommend watching this together with your child. It’s less than 2 mins, perfect for those short attention spans.




[arve url=”” mode=”normal” align=”none” promote_link=”yes” title=”Talking to Toddlers about Eid ul Adha” description=”Simple white board animation about the story of Prophet Ibraheem (AS)” autoplay=”yes” loop=”yes” /]

STep 1

Watch the animation together. Remember focus on the positive. Talk about by trusting in Allah everyone ends up happily ever after!

STep 2

Draw it out together! The beauty behind it being stick figures, you can actually simply draw it yourself!

Step 3

Watch it again, and discuss each step. Depending on your child’s familiarity, add details. Use it as a spring board to open up the discussion about the story of Prophet Ibraheem (As).

STep 4

Bring the story to life in play! Make sure you either act out the story of interact with it! I have an Eid ul Adha Fridge Magnet that has the story of Eid ul Adha in the back! Read it together! You’ll be surprised how much they pick up!


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