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Activity Of The Week: String Art Eid Sign

Here is a simple way to do a trendy craft that can not only get expensive, but a little dangerous: String Art.

Typically, you would take a piece of wood and draw a shape on it. You would then use a hammer to add nails along your drawing. Then wrap string around each nail to get this:

Truth be told. If I tried that. It would be a #pintrestfail. So here is my child proof hack!

String Art Hack for Kids 


Cardboard box
Canvas Paper
Thumb Tack
Paint to decorate
Hot Glue Gun (optional)

1. Cover your box with Canvas Paper and sketch a simple design
2. Help your child poke thumb tacks along the design
3. Tie a knot around the first thumbtack and wrap the string around each thumb tack
4. OPTIONAL hot glue the tacks down for extra stability
5. Paint and decorate away!


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