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Muslim Thanksgiving: FREE Printable

Do you celebrate thanksgiving or not? I polled my audience on Instagram and surprisingly it was almost a 50/50 vote.

Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer here. It really depends on your family’s parenting philosophy and core values. The important thing is your intention behind your decision. Be confident in your decision and parenting style!

In our family, we celebrate Thanksgiving, however we “rebrand” it to “Alhumdulillah Day”. We decorate our table with things that make us grateful! Check out more details about the table in last year’s post.

This year, we will be adding another tradition! We will be making our own “Alhumdulillah Tree”. We will write the the things Allah has given us to show His love. I hope you enjoy this printable! Grab your copy here.

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It’s pretty simple.

1) Print out the printable
2) Discuss what “alhumdulillah” means. Brainstorm things that make you say alhumdulillah
3) Write them on the large leaves (or write it for them)
4) Color and make your master piece!

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