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3 Easy Ways to incorporate Islam into Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite main stream holiday. And no its not just because its a holiday with the best dinner menu (though that is a pretty good perk).  The reason I enjoy Thanksgiving is because it is the perfect time to emerge my daughter in an important Islamic lesson: Thankfulness.

Its the one time a year where she is surrounded by messages of gratitude. I  like to take it as an opportunity to take the lesson further and add the word “Alhumdulillah” into her vocabulary! Here are three easy ways to incorporate Islamic Lessons into your Thanksgiving this year

3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Islam into Your Thanksgiving

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  1. Make a dynamic table setting using a roll of craft paper.

You can go classy and use it to replace your table cloth. They used sharpies to actually draw out each of the table settings. From the names to the actual spoon and fork, it can be a fun and in expensive way to achieve a themed tablescape.

However, we decide to use it begin the conversation about what Alhumdulilah actually means. Check out the full post on how we used our table here. 

2. Make an Alhudulillah Tree Mural!

This is great way to keep the kids busy while you cook or eat! The concept is simple, draw out a tree on craft paper and tape it onto a wall.

Have the older kids draw leaves and write the many ways that Allah shows us he loves us!

For the younger kid’s I would suggest either have them simply color it in or have leaves cut out for them to tape onto the tree.

Pro Tip: Only use washable markers. Your walls will thank you. 

2. Have some printables handy

Leave out some of my Alhumdullilah printables on the kids table to keep them busy and thinking about Allah!

I have two printables I designed specifically with Thanksgiving in mind.

The first is similar to Alhumdulilah Tree. The kids can write what they are grateful for on the leaves and color in the rest

The second is look and find activity. I have a list of things for them to find in Allah’s blessings. Coloring in the picture is just a bonus!

Download Printables Now

Will you be trying any of these activities out? I would love to see how they turn out! Share them with me by tagging @zairzabrplay in your pictures!




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