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Four Types of Learning Styles

Research shows that there are four types of learners: visual, auditory, tactile and literacy based. Even though we might be able to learn in all four ways, there is usually one type that tends to dominate over others. However, its very difficult to determine what learning type is ideal for your child as they might still be exploring them. 

That’s why its important to provide toys and learning materials that allow your child to explore various learning styles. In the blog post I’m going to show you how two of our latest products tackle each of the learning style. Names of Allah | A Memory Matching Game is primarily a tactile learning experience and Prophet Suleima (AS) and The Queen Ant | A removable sticker book is a literacy based learning experience. However both of these different products still touch on the other learning style.

Visual Learner

Visual learners also known as spatial learners tend to need visual summaries of what they are expected to know. For example, they like charts and graphs and diagrams that show them the concept versus having the details written out for them.

For a toddler, that translates to a child depending mostly on visuals rather than language to make sense of the world around them.

Names of Allah | A Memory Matching Game

This game was designed with the visual learner in mind. The names of Allah are illustrated to show the meaning. For example, As-Sami which means all-hearing is illustrated using headphones. A child who may not understand what all-hearing means, will still understand the concept just by looking at the picture.




Prophet Suleiman (AS) and the Queen Ant | A Reusable Vinyl Sticker Book 

One of my goals with this book was to target a child’s social and emotional development. Feelings can be tough to describe. But even tougher to understand for a child. On each of the page in this book there is a “feeling” word that is illustrated to show the meaning. It helps the spatial learner to visualize an abstract concept.


For example, feeling “inspired” is an abstract concept that even adults struggle it. However, a visual learner can look at the typography fo this word on the page and “feel” inspired. 

So without language, the meaning of being inspired is passed on! 

Auditory Learner 

An auditory learner is someone who learns best by listening or speaking. Think back to when you were in school, did you learn best by reading the material in a text book or did you truly understand the material once you were sitting in the classroom listening to the lecture. Personally, I have a very hard time with auditory learning. I tend to zone out! 

But how does that translate to our children? A child that is an auditory learner loves repetition. They prefer to hear the same words or stories repeated back to them. But that can get boring. really fast! 

Names of Allah | A Memory Matching Game

Memory Matching Games in general function to make this process less painful for both parties, you and your child. The way the game is set up you end up repeating each of the names multiple times giving your auditory learner multiple chances to hear the names of Allah and remember them! 

Prophet Suleiman (AS) and the Queen Ant | A Reusable Vinyl Sticker Book 

The nature of a toddler book is to appeal to the auditory learner. Its a story that is either spoken or heard. And a children’s book is read over and over again. This is a great bed time story. With only 6  pages the story is short enough to keep your child’s attention! 


Tactile Learner 

Tactile Learners or kinesthetic learners thrive on physical activity.  Think back to high school, did you learn best by listening to history or when you had to make one of those presentations? It’s similar with children. Some children learn best when they are able to engage their sense of touch in learning. 

Names of Allah | Memory Matching game

This game has a HUGE tactile component. Playing a game involves your child to get physically involved. The nature of the game involves your child to not only use their hands, but to engage different parts of their brain. It also allows them to play while they learn! 


Prophet Suleiman (AS) and the Queen Ant | A reusable vinyl Sticker book 

I like to make sure my books always have an interactive component that will truly engage the tactile learner. Similar to My First Quran Activity Book, this book is formatted like a puzzle book. For each page, a key image is broken into vinyl sticker pieces that the child works to put together 

Literacy Based Learner

A literacy based learning likes reading and writing as a form of learning. And I’m sure you’ve met many of these types of learners, or maybe this describes you! Remember your friend who would need to write all her notes out (not type them) or maybe they use to copy them over and over again? They were a literacy based learner.

So how does that translate to kids who may not really know how to read or write? It is a general affinity of learning through books. Prophet Suleiman (AS) and the Queen Ant is a book so it naturally caters to the literacy based learner. But what about the Names of Allah | A Memory Matching game? 


The memory matching game is coupled with a great downloadable activity book. Names of Allah | An activity book has taken each of the games and turned it into a paper and pen activity. It helps solidify the concepts behind the names of Allah by allowing your literacy based learning to process them in their own time 

So what kind of learner are you? What kind of learner is your child? I think its important to remember that most people are a combination. Further, some people may learn certain subjects better in one learning style while learning another subject in a completely different style. 


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