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Eid on Amazon Prime

Its Eid in a few days, and you made plans, you made lists and even bookmarked your shopping list…But then got lazy or distracted! It’s okay.. so did I! Thats why I’ve put together this post.

Doing Eid on


Eid Banner!

You can buy this pre assembled banner right on Amazon Prime

Buy on Amazon Prime

Or you can use a printable banner over here!

DIY FREE Printable

Eid Balloons

Balloons make everything more fun! And how perfect are these from Jasmine and Marigold

Buy on Amazon Prime

And you don’t need helium! Use these little handy balloon picks to keep them standing up right!

Buy on Amazon Prime

Toys & Activities

Names of Allah | A Memory Matching Game makes an amazing gift. It’s a fun game that can bring the family together for Family Game nights!

Buy it on Amazon Prime

Prophet Suleiman (AS) And the Queen Ant | A Reusable Vinyl Sticker Book

This is perfect for kids that don’t necessarily have that love for books yet! It’s not a book! It’s a toy, a puzzle and an activity!

Buy it on Amazon Prime

My First Quran Activity Book | Magnetic Puzzle Book

This is great for your toddlers to take ownership of the stories from the Quran! The magnetic pieces give an opportunity for your child to tell the story in their own words!

Buy it on Amazon Prime


Alif Baa Taa by Civillian Publishing is by far my FAVORITE Arabic Alphabet book. Its so easy to use (even for a non native speaker like me) and the graphic really engage the youngest of children!

Buy on Amazon Prime

Ilyas and Duck Fantastic Festival of Eid al Fitr!

Such a FUN book for our kids to read because it answers the biggest questions going through their minds. Whats the difference between Eid, Christmas and other holidays!

Buy on Amazon Prime Now


Eid PJs are so on trend and for a good reason! They make Eid exciting and relatable. What kid doesn’t want to match with all their family and friends!

Best part. These PJs are by far the best quality of material I’ve seen!

Buy it on Amazon Prime

Or make your daughter’s unicorn dreams come true with the ultimate Eid Mubarak Unicorn shirt!

Buy on Amazon Prime


Print out these adorable FREE printable social stories.

Staple and add some cute washi tape! Easy and thoughtful gifts to hand out at the masjid!

Download FREE

Here is an easy hand out at the Masjid! Wrap a Hershey Bar with this fun printable Candy Wrapper

Download FREE

Check off the adults on your list with these adorable mini milk carton favor boxes.  I bought a giant bag of Lindt chocolates and put two in each! Download the FREE Printable, add some washi tape to personalize it!

Download FREE

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