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School Breaks: How Parents can Actually Enjoy Them!

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Most parents dread breaks  not only because it throws off routine, but also because there is pressure to plan enough activities to occupy their kids. Often, this anxiety holds us back from actually enjoying time with our children! However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you are able to balance playing with your child and  independent play.

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Valentines Day with Allah

So Valentines day is around the corner, and it is literally EVERYWHERE! From the grocery store to my mailbox. I see little pink and red hearts on everything I touch. I like the idea of Valentines day but the commercialization of it makes me gag. To me, Valentines day’s sole purpose is to just buy gifts.

It feels like an empty holiday with no real meaning behind it.

My first instinct was to simply not celebrate it. My family and I were going to boycott valentines day! But then…my daughter came home from school with a bag full of pink construction paper. That’s when I realized boycotting wasn’t the solution because I can’t hide it from my daughter every second of her life. I might be able to control her influencers right now, but as she gets older I won’t be able to. But what I CAN do is add meaning to the holiday. I can give her a tool to make the holiday more meaningful.

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