Al Mughni - The Enricher
Allah satisfies all His creations needs, he gives it to them them. He is also Ar Razaq, The Provider - meaning Allah also CREATES all the things his creations needs
Ar Rauf - The Most Kind
Allah is the most kind. We sometimes don't understand how his kindness works, but he provides exactly what we need without us realizing it!
Al Ghafur - The Most Forgiving
No matter what we do, or break. Allah is forgives us. Not just that Allah is also Al Afuw - The Pardoner. He not only forgives us, but is able to make all our mistakes disappear
Al Afuw - The Pardoner
When we make mistakes, Allah is not only able to forgive us but he also is able to erase all our mistakes and make them disappear!
As Sabur - The Most Patient
No matter how long things take, Allah is patient, He is happily waiting. Thats why even if we sometimes make lots of bad choices, Allah is always waiting for us to come back to Him!
Al Hakim - The Judge
Allah is Adl - He is fair - but is also the Judge. He ultimately decides all the matters of the world! He is the only one who truly knows what's fair and what is not!
Al Haq - The Truth
There is no doubt in anything to do with Allah. All these names that describe Him are real and true. Everything in the Quran is true. Because Allah is the one who has made them all and there is no doubt regarding him
Al Jamiu - The Gatherer
Allah is the one that brings the many pieces of this world together to work together. He is the one that is able join the elements to make the earth we live in. He gathers them all for us!
Al Hafiz - The Most Sheltering
Allah protects His creations from any hardships or evils similar to Al Mani - The Shielder. The difference is Allah is Al Mani means He PREVENTS hardships, but Allah also PROTECTS us from from evil that already exists
Al Bar - The Source of Ultimate Goodness
Anything that is good and nice is from Allah and is His blessing. Whether it is the love you feel, or the yummy candy you eat, Allah is the source for it all!
Al Mujib - The Responder
YOU FOUND MY FAVORITE NAME! This is a hidden surprise for you! Al Mujib - The Responder shows up twice in this game set because it is my favorite Name of Allah! No matter what, whether while you are praying or just dreaming, Allah will always answer you when you call on Him!
Al Wahhab - The Giver of Gifts
Allah sends gifts big and small to us all the time. Whether it is a good day or that new toy you really want. All the nice surprises are from Allah!
Al Baqi - The Ever Lasting
Allah is Ever Lasting. He does not die, or cease to exist ever! He will always be around!
Malik ul Mulk - The Ultimate Owner
Allah owns everything, from the stars to the moon to the universe and even things we don't know about! He is the king of all things!
Al Musawir - The Fashioner
Allah is the one who has designed this whole world. And in doing so, He has made each and every part of it unique.
Al Akhir - The Last
Allah is the last because He will be around even after everything is gone. Similar to Al Baqi - The Everlasting. Allah is the one that will not only be around, but He is never going to stop existing
Ar Ahan - The Unique and One
This name is linked to Al Musawir - The Fashioner. Allah is not only the most unique, but anything and everything unique in this world is from Him. He is like this cloud with all the colors that are possible, mixed up. And all the unique colors in the world ultimately are from Him.
Al-Wahid - The One
Allah is One. There is no accomplice, there is no copies. Allah is the only one!
Al Hamid - The Praiseworthy
Whenever there is something good, it is from Allah. If ever you want to say good job, ultimately its because of Allah!
As Khabir - The All Aware
Like an X-Ray, Allah can see everything and all the layers. But not just physically, Allah sees what has been and will be. Allah also knows what we are thinking and feeling!