An Nur - The Light
Allah is like this light bulb. He lights up the world for us - literally and metaphorically. Allah provides the light to see the blessings around us
Al Qawi - The Strong
We use dumbbells to exercise and make our bodies strong. Allah is strong, not just physically but in every possible way
Al Batin - The Hidden
Allah is hidden from us but that doesn't mean He isn't there. Just like something behind a curtain, just because we can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist!
Al Mani - The Shielder
Allah protects us in many ways. One of those ways is by shielding us from things that might harm us - both physical or emotional! He keeps us safe!
Al Muhayamin - The Guardian
Allah watches and guards over us. He is always making sure His creations are always protected. He is like a fort that watches over a kingdom, keeping it safe.
Al Adl - The Just
Allah is fair, Allah is Just. Allah makes sure His creations are always balanced. Though sometimes we can't understand it, Allah is always balancing the scales fairly
Al Baseer - The All Seeing
Just like this telescope Allah can see things everywhere. This is different from Ar Raqib - which means Allah is all watching. Sometimes we see lots of things, but are not watching them or paying attention. Allah not only sees everything, but also watches it!
Al Mujib - The Responder of Prayer
Allah is the one who listens to each and every one of our prayers. Whether its on our prayer mat or in our hearts, Allah always answers your prayers
Al Fatah - The opener
Like the key, Allah opens many things for us. Allah opens doors of opportunities. Without Allah opening the key to life, we may not even be able to think the way we do!
Al Hadi - The Guide
Like a map, Allah shows us the way to go. Through the Quran and His teachings, Allah has provided us the path to Him. It isn't always easy to follow but the guide is there for us to show the way!
Al Bari - The Maker
Allah creates things from nothing. But Allah also evolves things. His designs are not based on anything. Allah not only made the building blocks, but can arrange them to make completely new things too!
Ar Raqib - The Watchful One
Allah is watching everything. Just like a light house, He is paying attention to everything closely. He is not only Al Baseer - the all seeing, but he is the watchful one too!
Al Khaliq - The Creator
Allah created everything. No matter what it is if you trace it back, Allah is the original creator. Like this tree, Allah is the one who created the seed, the ground, the water and the air it needs to exist!
Al Malik - The Absolute King
Kings come and go, but Allah is the Absolute King. He wears the crown that one has or will ever wear. He is the true ruler of all of the universe and more!
Al Alim - The Knower of All
Allah knows everything that has ever been, or will be. Allah knows everything in every book that was written, and will be written or can be written! He is the knower of all!
Al Wadud - The All Loving
Allah's love is something we can't even begin to imagine. He loves us more than we could ever possibly love anything or anyone!
Ar Rahim - The All Merciful
Ar Rahim means Allah gives us infinite mercy. No matter what Allah showers us with mercy and blessing. Ar Rahman means Allah is the one who owns and posses that mercy to even give us!
As Salam - The Source of Peace
It is with Allah that you will find peace. It is only when we trust Him and turn to him that not only do we see peace in the world we live in, but also in ourselves and in our hearts
Al Muiz - The Giver of Honor
A badge is given to someone who is special or honorable. Allah is the one who gives us honor and makes us special!
As Sami - The All Hearing
Even a whisper of an ant is heard by Allah. Though Allah doesn't hear like we do, with headphones or our ears - this picture reminds us that Allah is always listening to us!