Ar Rahman - All Merciful
Ar Rahman means Allah is the one who OWNS all the mercy! Ar Rahim means Allah is the one who GIVES us all the mercy!
Al Jabbar - The Fixer
Allah is able to "fix" any situation! There is no problem that He can't make better!
At Tawwab - The All Accepting
No matter who you are, or what you do, Allah accepts everyone! He forgives them, and welcomes them. All you have to do is pray to Him
Al Mutakabbir - The Majestic
Allah is greater than everything and He shows up in all his different creations. Look at this picture closely, do you see different types of crops? Allah is in all of them and greater than them too!
Al Muqist - The Highest Judge
We have learned that Allah is Adl - He is fair. Allah is Hakam - He is the Judge. He ultimately decides all the matters of the world! And now we know Allah is Muqist - The Highest Judge - This combines the two other names. Not only is Allah the one who decides everything, but he does so in the most balanced and fair way!
Al Mudhil - The Humbler
This name is about how Allah makes us feel. Allah humbles us or makes us realize how amazing He is, that is why we do sujood to Him!
Al Muakkhir - The Giver of Time
Allah is the one that is able to make things happen at the RIGHT time. He can speed up or delay things because He is the one who gives us time
Al Khafid - The One Who Calms
Like a wave that is wild sometimes hitting the beach shore, Allah is able to calm not just us but also things around us. We can turn to Him when we need to find that peace.
Al Wali - The Protector
Allah is Muhayamman - the guardian, but he is also our loving protecting friend. Like the flag on this castle, He gently protects us from harm by guiding us towards the right path!
Al Warith - The Supreme Heir
Look at this symbol, notice how there is no end or beginning. Its because everything is from Allah and will return to Him
Al Qabid - The Withholder
Allah always gives us what we want, but sometimes He holds it back to. Whether we know it or not, Allah is able to hold back some of his blessings for our own good!
Al Muid - The Restorer
An ecosytem recycles and renews everything in it. Just like Allah he restores, renews and revives all his creations
Ar Raziq - The Provider
Allah is Al Mughni - The Enricher, but he is also the Provider. Not only does Allah makes sure all His creatures have their needs met, but He CREATES those things that His creations need!
Al Muqqadim - The Promoter
Allah is higher than everything because he is everything all together and so much more. Just like this kite, flying past Earth, past the solar system and higher than we can even imagine!
Al Quddus - The Pure
Pure means there is no imperfections. He is perfect in everyway!
Al Mutaali - The All Exalted
Exalted means placed in a higher level. Allah is All Exalted because he is higher, bigger and than we can imagine. Like the universe out there, He is beyond what we can even imagine!
Al Muqtadir - The All Powerful
Like the name Al Qawi - The Strong, this name is about Allah's powers. He is not only strong, but He has the power of wisdom and the ability to make anything happen!
Al Wajid - The Preciever
Allah is Al Baseer - The All Seeing, but he also perceives everything. Meaning he can discover and figure out things that maybe we can not see!
Al Waali The Governer
A blue print is the plan. Allah is Al Waali because he is the only planner, implement and governor of all of this world
Ad Dharr - The Balancer
Like a see saw, Allah balances everything. He makes corrections, and tries to guide us towards the right path when we make errors!