Al Halim - The Most Forbearing
Someone who is in jail, probably has done some bad things. But despite that Allah still shows his love and mercy to them. Al Halim means Allah loves you and forgives even when you are making mistakes!
Al Muhsi - The Counter
Allah notices and takes into account even the smallest good deeds. Just like this small ant helping another ant doesn't get ignored in front of Allah!
Al Ghaffar - The All Forgiving
Allah is Al Ghaffur - He forgives us for our mistakes, and Allah is Al Afuw - He makes our mistakes disappear for us. But is also Al Ghaffar - He not only forgives our mistakes and makes them disappear, but He removes it from our hearts allowing us to find peace again
An Nafi - The Benefactor
Like a farm provides us with all the food and nutrition we need, Allah is An Nafi, He is the one that grants us all the benefits and positivity in our lives!
Al Qahhar - The Ever Dominating
Allah is the one that is above everything. Like the tallest mountain amount many grand mountains, Allah is greater and can overcome the biggest things we can imagine!
Ar Rafi - The Elevator
Whenever we rise in this world, or succeed its through Allah. Allah is the vessel that allows us to grow higher.
Al Muntaqim - The Avenger
Allah is fair, so as He shows us love for our good deeds, He teaches us gently not to repeat our sins.
Al Hasib - The Reckoner
Allah takes into account all our deeds when judging us. Just like a tailor, He measures all parts of our souls and has a complete picture of who we truly are
Al Mumin - The Giver of Emaan
Even our belief in Allah and in His oneness is a gift for Allah! That is why we pray to Allah to please keep us faithful to Him
Ar Rashid - The Teacher
A Graduation cap means you went to school and learned something! Just like Allah is the one who is your ultimate teacher.
Ash Shahid - The All Witnessing
Allah is the witness to ALL the actions of every single creature or being that He has created - no matter how small or how big
Al Wakil - The Trustee
Like a Trustee in any company, Allah is in charge of making sure our world runs smoothly and in a balanced way. We trust in Allah to provide the solutions to all our problems
Ar Qayyum - The Sustainer
We all rely on Allah, and He is the one that holds up. He is our pillar. Just like how a pillar holds up huge buildings, Allah is the one that we lean on to hold us up
Al Baith - The Resurrector
Allah is the ONLY one that is able to bring us back, He is the only one that will be able to raise our souls even after we die
Al Mumit - The Bringer of Death
Allah created everything and eventually everything returns to Allah. He is the one who choses when we die and return to Him
Al Muhyi - The Giver of Life
Allah is the one who choses when and how we come to be in this world. He is the one who ultimately created us
Ash Shakur - The Most Appreciative
Allah is the most appreciative because even our gift of the smallest deeds are returned with huge gifts from Him.
Al Karim - The Most Generous
Allah is Al Karim - The Most Generous because Allah gives us things that are so grand that we can hardly imagine them. From the vast mountains that provide us air, to the soil that grows our food - these are all gift from Allah
As Samad - The Needless
Allah doesn't need anyone or anything. He is works alone and can satisfy any need without help!
Al Mubdi - The Originator
No matter what you look at, it essentially came from Allah. Even the seed that sprouts into a tree came from Allah!