Al Basit - The Extender
Allah is the one that can increase your blessing when the time is right. Just like a seed turning into an apple tree, Allah decides when to provide it what it needs to grow
Al - Aziz - The Impenetrable
Allah is something that you can't penetrate or force your way too. Like a turtle shell He is so precious that He is surrounded by His own protection
Al Badi - The Incomparable
Allah isn't comparable because He creates and invents things without any models or materials! He sculpts each one of us to be unique.
Al Ghani - The Self Sufficient
Allah is independent of everything and everyone. Instead everyone and everything is depends on Him!
Al Azim - The Magnificent
Allah is so grand and magnificent that when we truly think about it we can't help but be humbled and do sujood!
Al Ali - The Most High
Allah is Al Muta'Ali - He is the most Exalted - He is bigger than we can even imagine. A part of that is Al Ali - He has the highest rank than anyone or anything
Al Kabir - The Most Grand
Allah's grandness is something that can't be compared. Think of the Grand Canyon - A wonder of the world! Allah is the one that is even grander than these wonders because He is the one who created them!
Al Muqit - The All Nourisher
Allah makes up for all the our shortcomings and needs. He is the one that provides that unique missing puzzle that completes us!
Al Jalil - The Glorious
Allah is the one with the highest value! He is like this trophy where is His value can't be replaced because of everything it stands for!
Az Zahir - The Manifest
Everything is from Allah and Allah is in everything. From the smallest ant to the largest mountains, Allah is manifest or a part of all His creations
Al Wasi - The Boundless
When you look out into the horizon, you sometimes wonder where does it end? It seems to keep going on and on. Allah is like that! There is no limit to Him
Al Hakim - The All Wise
Allah is the All Wise! He is Al Alim - The All knowing, but He is also Al Hakim because He has all the insight on how to best use the knowledge!
Al Qadir - The Capable
Any skill or ability or power is possessed by Allah! He can do or be anything we can imagine and can't imagine!
Al Majid - The Most Honorable
Allah is the one with the highest honor! He is the one that deserves all the respect and love
Al Matin - The Firm
A water dam is able to hold back the water and keep it in it's place firmly. Same way, Allah is able to be steadfast and firm in maintaining the world
Al Hay - The Ever Living
Just like Allah is Al Baaqi - The Ever lasting, He is also ever living. Because He is present in all his creations, He never ceases to exist even when His creations are gone
Dhul Jalali wal ikram- Possessor of Glory and Honor
All the glory and honor and love are owned by Allah! He is the owner of them all
Al Latif - The Most Gentle
Even though Allah does so much for us, He does it in the most gentle way. We feel his kindness softly like dandelions!
Al Awwal - The First
Before there was anything, there was Allah! Allah is the first in all things!
Al Mujid - The Honorable
You might think this is a duplicate name, but look closely at the pronounciation. This name also means honorable, but it's focus is more on the generosity in Allah's honor!