Weekly live series where discuss everything from parenting philosophies, parenting techniques to how to stay sane during a tantrum! 

Hira Rizvi is an experienced mom specializing in bringing parents practical solutions to parenting philosophy! She loves making sure the tools we use are developmentally appropriate for our kids! Living in Napa, CA she works towards developing a balanced self identity for her family! 

She is a scientist by training and loves researching facts to support all of the tips and tricks on Parenting Fuel! 

Kazima is a Speech Language Pathologist with a background in Psychology specializing in pediatrics. In 2017, Kazima published a children’s book, Mikaeel and Malaika The Quest for Love, and shortly after began a blog focusing on how to functionally understand a child by seeing the world through their eyes. She enjoys supporting other parents via Instagram by consulting and educating on parenting and education approaches.


Why Your Child Turns from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde When They See You!

Tantrum Q& A Session

How to be a confident parent with social media and other social pressures

Muslim Self Identity and Mainstreams Holidays like Halloween

Islamic Schools vs Mainstream Schools. How do you chose? 

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Why is my child such a picky eater! 

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