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Names of Allah A Memory Matching Game 2

It’s the classic game of matching and memory—now featuring the names of Allah. Each tile has a name of Allah carefully illustrated to demonstrate its meaning. By providing a visual your child can come to understand Allah and fall in love.

This is the perfect way to introduce names of Allah to each type of learner

Visual: Providing the visual meaning for the names of Allah allows a child to understand without language

Auditory: Repeating the name of Allah at each turn gives your child multiple opportunities to hear and learn the name of Allah

Tactile: Touching and physically getting involved in the game helps your tactile learner remember each name of Allah

Literacy based: Don’t forget to download the Names of Allah: Activity Book to extend the play for your literacy based learner! Each name is an activity they can do over and over again!


Prophet Suleiman and the Queen Ant: Reusable Vinyl Stickers

The story of Prophet Suleiman (AS) and the Queen Ant from the Quran is full of valuable lessons for every generation. Dive into this interactive book to learn the great moral lesson behind this story.

Each page features:

  • Reusable glossy vinyl stickers
  • A logic puzzle
  • Easy to read sight words
  • Illustrated “feeling” word

The reusable vinyl “stickers” in this book affix securely to the sturdy pages, then peel up easily when you’re ready to make a change. Each page includes more than 40 cling-style stickers, plus glossy, full-color pages.

Together, they make an engaging, enjoyable way for kids to explore this wonderful story from the Quran.

My First Quran Activity Book

An interactive board book that teaches your child about stories from the Quran while they play. There are 6 spreads with 6 different activities and stories. Each activity is interactive and engaging. The book is made of thick cardboard to withstand little toddler hands. Pieces are magnetic and can be turned and twisted without breaking. In addition the book has laminated glossy pages with bright colors to keep your child engaged!

See the book in action!

The recommended age group for this book is toddlers through Kindergarten (Early Reading skills)

Stories Included are:

Prophet Nuh’s (AS) Ark
Prophet Yusuf’ (AS) dream
Prophet Muhammad (AS) and the spider
Bibi Hajra (AS) and Zam Zam
Prophet Hud (AS) and the cave
Prophet Yunus (AS) and the whale

The activities include:

Shadow matching to help hand eye coordination
Complete the picture to help stimulate free play
Puzzles to help work on logic
Shoe lace practice to build fine motor skills

Features of the Book are:

Cardboard pages that are sturdy enough for your child (and are wipeable!)
Magnetic pieces not only outlast your child, but also open up for play outside of the book
Short stories allow you to teach the stories in a simple way

FREE – Names of Allah: Activity Book Printable

Supplement the Names of Allah: A Memory Matching Game with this PRINTABLE activity book.

Each of the 20 names of Allah is illustrated in a way that is easy to understand for your child. It is coupled with a  developmentally appropriate activity to help them engage with the concepts.

The activities include:

  • Coloring
  • Counting
  • Find the differences
  • Connect the Dot
  • Unscramble the Name
  • Color by number

Each name is written in English, Arabic and transliteration!


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