Isa’s Prayer Dilemma| A Book of Choices


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I S A ‘ S P R A Y E R D I L E M M A

Isa understands why we pray, but he still struggles with it. Especially 5x a day!

On top of that, there is a camping trip that everyone is excited about except him. He is actually dreading it. But he can’t admit it! Everyone will make fun of him!

Join Isa in this choose your adventure style book as he finds out how prayer plays a role in his everyday life!

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UK CUSTOMERS: Please purchase your copy from Amazon 


Prayer is your time to get closer to Allah and pave your way to Jannah. But why do we have to do it five times a day? Isa is struggling to understand why he has to stop everything to pray multiple times during the day.

Why can’t he just pray once and be done with it? 

Help Isa find the answer by making choices along the way that determine what happens in the story! 

5 different ways to get to one ending, what will your story look like?

This book explores the concept of why we pray, and the role it plays in our life. But it does so in a developmentally appropriate way. While it is true that salah paves our way to Jannah, and that it is our time to talk to Allah. These concepts can be hard to grasp for kids just working to establish prayer.

In this book Isa finds out how salah helps him overcome some the anxieties and fears he faces. Not fix them, but overcome them!

Age Recommendation : 7-12 years old

Pages: 140


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