Lantern Décor Craft Kit – Printable


Lantern Decor Kit Printable! Versatile ways to decorate your home!

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Lantern Décor Craft Kit

You may have seen my Lantern Décor Craft Kit as part of the first 100 pre-orders for My First Quran Activity Book.

You can now download and print the lantern and make it however you’d like.

Here are a few tips on how to best cut the lantern:

1) Use and exact o knife for the center
2) Use a single hole puncher for the smaller holes.
 This is a great place to get kids involved and work on some fine motor strength!
3) Try printing them in different colors, or print them plan have your kids color them how they like!

Ways to use the Lantern Décor Kit:
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1. Have your child thread the twine through the holes provide at the top of each lantern. Threading is a great way to work on fine motor skills!
2. Simply tape it up any where in the house! You can have your child help you hold one end up!

1. Glue the tissue paper provided behind the lantern. If you have young kids who can’t use scissors, cut the the tissue paper into small squares so they have many opportunities to be involved in using the glue stick! If you decide to tape the tissue paper whole, remember to trim it.
2. You can either hang individual lanterns near the window, or you can make a sun catcher garland or even a mobile!
3. Enjoy as the sun light dances in through the lanterns!

1. Split the chop sticks apart.
2. Thread a lantern on each end of the twine and tie a knot.
3. Tie the twine onto the chop stick for each of the lantern.
4. Thread the lantern through and tie a knot.
5. Hang it up and let the wind make the the lanterns twirl!



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