Prophet Suleiman (AS) and the Queen Ant: Reusable Vinyl Stickers


  • Reusable vinyl “stickers” affix securely to the glossy board book page, then peel up to rearrange
  • Glossy, full-color pages 
  • Includes over 40 stickers 
  • Each page has an illustrated “feeling” to help your child’s social emotional development
  • Great for fine motor skills, narrative thinking, and awareness of colors, commonalities, and themes
  • Approved by religious scholar

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Reusable Vinyl Stickers

The story of Prophet Suleiman (AS) and the Queen Ant from the Quran is full of valuable lessons for every generation. Dive into this interactive book to learn the great moral lesson behind this story.

Each page features:

  • Reusable glossy vinyl stickers
  • A logic puzzle
  • Easy to read sight words
  • Illustrated “feeling” word

The reusable vinyl “stickers” in this book affix securely to the sturdy pages, then peel up easily when you’re ready to make a change. Each page includes more than 40 cling-style stickers, plus glossy, full-color pages.

Together, they make an engaging, enjoyable way for kids to explore this wonderful story from the Quran.

Photos by Sakhon Nhek

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