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Making Reading the Quran Fun For Kids

What does reading the Quran look like to you? When I think back to my childhood, reading the Quran meant sitting in the formal room with my Quran teacher trying very hard to make strange noises for an hour, once a week. I don’t think I had much of a connection to the Quran till very far into my adult life. I want to make sure that is not the case for my daughter. I want her to have a positive and functional relationship with the Quran. But how? Below is the thought process that went behind in developing My First Quran Activity Book.

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My First Quran Activity Book: The story behind the book

My First Quran Activity Book was born out of frustration. There are lots of amazing Muslim books out there but I was looking for something more interactive for my daughter. When I took my daughter to early childhood programs in the library they stressed the importance of hands on learning. After a lot of research to figure out what “hands on learning” means, I realized its basically a play-based learning model. If play-based learning is so crucial to teach young kids, why don’t we use it to teach Islam? I wanted to come up with a way not only for her to learn the stories in the Quran but be able to play with them too.

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Top 10 Muslim Books for Toddlers

Me and my husband love books, so even before my daughter had her crib assembled, she had a little collection of books ready to go. As naïve first time parents, we used to love walking into Barnes and Nobles and pick up books that appealed to us rather than my daughter.

Fast forward to three plus years later and I have only bought a few books to add to her collection. “Children’s Books” is such a wide category because “children” is a wide age group. Not all books that fall under this category are well suited for all children.

I struggled to find good Muslim books geared towards toddlers for my daughter.

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