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Eid Party for Kids

Eid is around the corner and I know we are all scrambling to not only get our Eid decor up but also to plan the perfect party! It’s important for Eid to stand out in our kids’ memories as more than just another “dawat” or dinner.  Lucky for you, I have you covered. Below is my detailed Eid Party Plan!

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FREE Ramadan Party Printable Pack

Eid is a little over a week away and I can start to feel the panic of getting the house ready. Decorating for Ramadan seemed a little easier because I felt like I could do it at a slower pace. However, Eid has crept up on me and I have done nothing but scroll through Pinterest and dream of the things I will do!

To make your life (and my life) easier, I have made a FREE Eid Party Pack for you! It comes with:

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Tips to Praying at Home in Ramadan

The last ten nights of Ramadan are around the corner, and I’ve been to the mosque….once. I know that prayers are between  you and Allah, so praying at the mosque or at home shouldn’t matter. But it sort of does.

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Are we OVER gifting in Ramadan?

Gifting in Ramadan Presents

As many of you may have seen through my previous posts, this year I am using an advent calendar with my daughter. There are 30 good deeds for her to complete in the calendar. Each morning we read it, during the day we complete the task and then at night she gets a present. But am I losing the true spirit of Ramadan by over gifting?

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I am Not a Better Muslim in Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak

During Ramadan, we fast to detox our body so that we can feel energized. We focus on our prayers and separate ourselves from worldly desires to feel closer to Allah. We strive to show patience in our mannerism so that we can practice sabr in our life.

But, if I’m being honest, I struggle with all of those things in Ramadan. There is an expectation that during Ramadan we feel a special connection to Allah. That we spend our time in prayer and dhikr. But I feel distant from Allah, and I spend most of my time bouncing between checking the current time and iftaar time.

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