Top Ten Free Apps For Toddlers – Smarter Screen Time

When I was pregnant I said “I will never let my child  have any screen time.”

When she was 6 months old and actually awake for most of the day, so I said “I will let her watch educational videos only.”

By her first birthday, my toddler had taken over my old iPad.

Though some parents are able to keep screen time to a minimum, I don’t see it as a realistic expectation for myself.

Instead I have “smart” screen time.

I deleted youtube and other video apps from my daugher’s iPad because I wanted her to actively engage with the activities.

There are so many apps out there that it’s hard to tell which app is actually worth your time. Mehvish, at the The Young Learner, and I are here to help! We both picked out our favorite FREE apps for toddlers! (more…)

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